Single Pattern launches Signature collection

Single Pattern launches Signature collection
6 April 2017 ben

Single Pattern launches Signature collection

Single Pattern offers T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Tote Bags made by Electronic Music Artists, Labels and Festivals. By launching our Signature collection, we wanted to focus on the graphic designers behind the most beautiful album covers and flyers that we’ve been able to see.

In the form of a Carte Blanche, each artist is invited to make a series of visuals paying tribute to Electronic Music, and to adapt them onto different clothing of their choice.

To unveil the launch of this Collection, we called on Alexandre Lelarge.

– Could you introduce yourself briefly?

My name is Alexandre Lelarge, I’m 30 years old, I grew up in Reims and I am a graduate of the École Supérieure of Art and Design in Amiens. I have been working in Paris as an artistic director and graphic designer since 2011.

– How would you define your work in general terms?

My work evolves as I meet new people, and I see each project as a new playing field. I love bold stems and small downstrokes and more generally anything to do with typography and letters. I would say that my style is quite playful, I usually try to create systems or identities that can be modified in terms of material or pattern whilst nicely emphasising the typography.

– You’ve worked on various music-based projects in the past, including the Possession collective and Nuits Fauves nightclub. How do you go about translating a musical aesthetic into a graphic aesthetic?

It all depends on the project, for Techno Thursdays, for example, I drew inspiration from the the first flyers for raves, where budget constraints often meant that collectives had to draw their flyers by hand and then photocopy them onto coloured sheets of paper. I kept that raw aesthetic at the level of composition whilst using the colours to add a little softness. For the typography, I decided to design a typeface that could spring from the point of convergence between an American college quarterback and a nut from “Motor City”.

For each event the collectives were invited to send their pictures so they could be integrated into the visuals, just to maintain the collaborative and resourceful side of when they were just starting up.

– You’re inaugurating our first Signature Collection, which you’ve called ‘Jack Your Body’. Can you tell us more about it?

With that series I wanted to use typography to transform into images those lyrics and tracks that represent house music. I asked myself what I’d like to see on a stranger’s t-shirt if I met them at an event or festival. I immediately thought of house and the way it brings people together. I wanted my visuals to reflect joy, love, and sharing. It made sense to me to call the collection ‘Jack Your Body’, a reference to Steve “Silk” Hurley’s house hit (which came out in ’86, the year I was born) and ‘jack’, which is the nickname of a very sexual dance that brought hearts as well as bodies closer together on Chicago’s dance floors.

– What piece would go best with this collection?

There are actually four:
Raze – Break For Love
Mr Fingers – Can U Feel It
Joe Smooth – Promised Land
Mr G – House Nation.

– What upcoming projects do you have?

I’m currently in the process of developing a new typography. I’m working on a fanzine about the Paris techno scene and I’m starting to think about season 2 of Techno Thursdays.

Discover Alexandre Lelarge work: