Click Box and Remain team up for a new ep on Meant

Click Box and Remain team up for a new ep on Meant
24 October 2016 ben

Click Box and Remain team up for a new ep on Meant

MEANT are launching a series of roving travelogues, ‘Travel Series’, giving us an opportunity to celebrate a DJ ‘s unique nomadic lifestyle, and haphazard creative opportunities (and friendships) that arise along the way.

First episod up, label boss Remain teams him up with Brazilian techno stalwart Clickbox, creating two crisp, restrained, tech workouts alongside two vividly contrasting remixes…

Rising with percussive elements and warped humanised textures, ’02’ is built around the timeless energy and dynamic that could crumble the biggest of warehouses or the most intimate of clubs. Remix-wise Swayzak add a darker layer of acid, repositioning the riff so it’s being sung on a lower range while ensuring the stretched, processed vocals are given full attention.

’04’ exhibits their funkier side with a loose drum arrangement, veered bassline, juicy acid and a wry down-pitched vocal. Meanwhile on the remix Dantom Eeprom realises a different, darker perspective as the bassline’s tones spiral downward with ‘Falling Up’ flavoured finesse. Breaking down into a delicious bit-crushed goo, Eeprom rebuilds the sticky sonics with the help of lasers, dense drums and the perfect amount of cosmisity.

A powerful launch piece to kickstart a series that every globetrotter can relate to: one soul away from home linking with kindred spirits. It’s time to take a trip…

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