17 octobre 2017 ben


In 2011, after his last EP dropped on the legendary Freak n’Chic, coinciding with the end of the label, Djebali decided to launch his own platform (djebali), to achieve more freedom and control over the release of his music productions. The choice of name for the label is of course rather significant: the artist will only release his own productions, exclusively in vinyl format, and in limited number. The label is a success, and very soon Djebali receives a deluge of demos, which sparks the launch of a subdivision “(djebali) presents” to support new artists including Mr KS, Two Diggers, Swoy, Rhythm & Soul, and Reda Dare.

This is followed by “(djebali) reworks”, a platform dedicated to the remixes of Djebali’s back catalogue produced by his friends including Livio & Roby, John Dimas, Mandar, Chris Carrier and Cab Drivers. Finally, the third piece of this puzzle is represented by “(djebali) extra” which focuses on all the related projects, such as the unparalleled Point G. In 2016, to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the label, Djebali releases his first album, called “5”, which brings an end to the first period of his career composed of more than 25 releases, and ushers in a new creative phase!