In-Print: a dive into Pfirter’s Mindtrip visual indentity (Interview)

In-Print: a dive into Pfirter’s Mindtrip visual indentity (Interview)
30 July 2017 ben

In-Print : a dive into Pfirter’s Mindtrip visual indentity (Interview)

For this second interview of our In-Print series, we chose to focus on the visual identity of Pfirter’s label, Mindtrip.

MindTrip Music was launched by Pfirter in 2006. The digital-only label acted as a springboard for upcoming Argentinian artists and of course, Pfirter himself, introducing those talents to the rest of the world.  Over the years, the fledgling label allowed Juan Pablo the ability to experiment and play with music, sounds and textures and develop his own sense of direction and focus. Collaborating and drawing influence and experience from fellow MindTrip Music artists like Jonas Kopp, Flug, Markus Suckut, Psyk and Monoloc, both the label and Pfirter grew in symbiotic proportion. But after 6 years and 48 releases, Pfirter felt the need for change.

Having released on CLR, Stockholm LTD, Stroboscopic Artefacts & Figure, Pfirter’s brand of hypnotic music has touched dancers and listeners the world over. Not only limited to the clubs, Pfirter’s productions have delved deep into the experimental side too. This is the focus and framework of the new label. Juan Pablo reinvented and relaunched the MindTrip imprint, showcasing the full degree of his sound. The label changed its name from MindTrip Music to just MindTrip, releasing vinyl as well as digital utilising a bespoke artwork profile.

We talked with Pfirter himself and Andreas, the graphic designer of the label.

– When you first started the label, what was the idea behind its visual universe?
Pfirter: The main idea was as simple and also complicated as represent a mindtrip through visual art. It´s a risky area as i didn´t want to go into the now very popular concept of trash metal techno visual image. Instead, we aimed for something more subtle that could give us variations from one release to another but remaining straight and simple with the use of black and white, fractal structures, nature…

– When a new release is coming, what guides you in the process of creating the cover?
Andreas: In the beginning of the re-launch of MindTrip it was Juan Pablo and Pär Grindvik that gave me ideas to work with for the artwork of the records but the last releases has been guided by Juan Pablo and myself. My artwork is guided by everything from what I have experienced since my teenage hc/punk years to working with avant garde fashion and later experimenting with psychedelics. Three big crucial inspiration libraries for me.

– Do you need to listen to the release before creating a visual or is it two different process?
Andreas: No, this is not necessary for me. The artwork just needs to fit with the MindTrip logo and the previous artwork I have done for MindTrip. I normally create a lot of ideas for Juan Pablo to choose from, so he has the option to choose the artwork that fits with the sound of the release.

– What technique do you use to make these visuals?
Andreas: My technique changes from time to time. I normally draw something and then I pick it apart and have fun with it. When I did the MindTrip logo I created it from the letters MT, just multiplied it a bunch of times and turned the letters around, simple trick but I’m still very happy with how that logo turned out.

– These shapes look like they’re ready to move. Do you plan to use them in video as well?
Andreas: That´s an idea that we are working on, especially with the label main artwork. I see quite few things on just that 1 image, that will be very interesting to see it moving or to be able to appreciate it from a different viewer position and perspective. We will come up with something like this very soon.

– What will be your next release and how will look like the cover?
Pfirter: Next release is called ¨Double Existence¨ including my own original music and a remix by Stanislav Tolkachev. It´s another great artwork by Andreas and also a bit different from everything else on the label as it features something very close to human figures, as opposite to our previous artworks; this, by the way, fits smoothly with the concept of my original tracks on this EP.

MindTrip : Website / Facebook / Soundcloud / Bandcamp

Pfirter : Website / Facebook / Soundcloud

Andreas : Facebook / Instagram

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