In-Print: Dive into Subsist Records visual identity (interview)

In-Print: Dive into Subsist Records visual identity (interview)
30 June 2017 ben

In-Print : Subsist Records

We’re launching a new serie of interviews focusing on visual creativity. In-Print will bring to light selected Labels & Artists who shaped their identity not only with good records but also thanks to unique covers & visuals. For this first serie, we asked a few questions to Subsist Records, a techno label from Spain whose catalog includes Stanislav Tolkachev, Voidloss, Ritzi Lee, Shxcxchcxsh, …

– Who is behind the designs of Subsist records releases ?

(Fon) I work with Malasombra, and Mimusa as managers of the aesthetics of the label. We have reached a point where everything flows naturally, it is very nice to reach this point of respect and trust in everything we are doing.

The first references appeared with artists such as Stanislav Tolkachev (photography), Marroto (painting), Gonzalo Cervelló (Design and creation of typography and Logo) and there are also covers created by me (Fon)

I have chosen proposals from artists like Ntogn or Datura Dilema.

– When you first started the label, what was the idea behind your visual universe?

(Fon) The main idea was to give a great importance to the aesthetic section within the project of Subsist Records and to give it a personality of its own.

There are many labels I was fascinated by, especially for their covers. To name some ARC (ANE), Art of preception, Downwards, …

– How do you start a new cover? What guides you?

(Malasombra) We start with the deconstruction of elements like people, landscapes, animals, instruments, maps… Once the subject has been “extracted” the creation of new realities can begin. Messages can be totally deep as flowing through more dreamlike paths.

– Do you need to listen to the release before creating a visual or is it two different process?

(Malasombra) The creative process flows independently through the music, although the final result converges naturally in the Subsist’s ecosystem.

– Do the artists participate to the visual creation, do you involve them?

(Fon) Of course, artists are the ones who finally select the cover, for their reference, and I send them the stock of collages we used.

– How do you translate a musical universe into a visual aesthetic?

(Malasombra) Subsist records is a label as prolific as unpredictable, it is very easy to get carried away in the imaginary / creative process of collages and sooner or later the projects of my collages are perfects for some albums or eps.

(Fon) Each work that I publish on the label has a story, that the artist only understands. For this reason the artist chooses the collage that suits his musical universe best.

– Can you tell us more about the visuals you used for your Tshirts on Single Pattern?

SUBSIST01 Mod. Origins (Black) from (sub-d28) BY Pulse One. (Malasombra) This design deals with the destruction and creation between two creatures. One of them is a parasite, the metamorphosis that is created and approach to these creatures towards two completely antagonistic states.

“Destroy to create”

SUBSIST02 Mod Tournefortia (White) (sub-d41) by Squaric
(Malasombra) This design deals with the alienation of the great masses. Actually, There is a great deal of emotional manipulation and the reason is destroyed. The study of the mind by the markets, politics, etc … have reached such a point of refinement that we are governed by emotional impulses that arrive to our mind. The self criterions are lost.

– What will be made of your next cover?

(Malasombra) The following cover will be for the reference SUB.D63, the signature of a new artist called 6SISS. This cover is one of my last works, I have spent a season exploring a dark and beaten nature, and at the same time it allows a glimpse of hope, not without suffering, cold, loneliness.

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