Interview: Tânia Filipa Silvestre introduces Diagonal Dome collection for Single Pattern

Interview: Tânia Filipa Silvestre introduces Diagonal Dome collection for Single Pattern
24 July 2017 ben

Interview: Tânia Filipa Silvestre introduces Diagonal Dome collection for Single Pattern

Single Pattern offers T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Tote Bags made by Electronic Music Artists, Labels and Festivals. By launching our Signature collection, we wanted to focus on the graphic designers behind the most beautiful album covers and flyers that we’ve been able to see.

In the form of a Carte Blanche, each artist is invited to make a series of visuals paying tribute to Electronic Music, and to adapt them onto different clothing of their choice.

For our second Signature Collection, we called on Tânia Filipa.

– Can you introduce yourself briefly?

My name is Tânia Filipa, I’ma Graphic Designer based in Lisbon, Portugal. I run my Design Project called TF Concept Design since 2013. The project embodies my abstract vision of art.
The project was created to envolve my two passions: Electronic Music and Art.
The main influence present in all projects is minimal Art.
My approach is very striking and bold creating a beautiful outcome that combines an extremely strong and formal reduction in the use of neutral colors based products.

– What was the idea behind this collection and the visuals you made?

This collection was done thinking about People and Music, it was somehow envisioned so that people can feel confortable going to a party or a concert. Something that you don’t see everyday, yet something that everyone can connect easily with.
The idea was to combine geometry with apparel.

– You’re used to work on music project. How do you make the link between a musical project and a design?

Every artwork I do is music related. I always create art while listening to music for example. When I decided to take this path and create a project focusing only on Music, I knew I would be targeting a very specific audience, much smaller than most designers do, however it’s much more gratificant to see that I created a project from scratch with a minimal/geometrical idea in mind and that people relate to it in incredible ways.
Music is the main inspiration behind everything that I do, music makes me connect all the pieces for an artwork to come together and look the exact way I imagine it in my mind.

– How is your approach different when you work on a flyer, a cover or a Tshirt?

There’s no much difference actually, my artwork signature is always there, very minimal. However if it’s for apparel for example I always try to think about what people would like to wear, probably nothing too much bold and “in your face” style, something subtle and yet beautiful. I do think simple is more and I apply this way of think in every occasion I get.
As long as all the work I do reflects what I stand for in terms of art, it’s what I pretend for other people to see and appreciate.

– Which track would illustrate the best this collection?

Melodie – Justa

– What are your upcoming projects?

I’m going to start working with new clients, specifically from U.K, U.S and Russia.
First time working with a project from U.S and Russia for example, so it’s very exciting.
I’m also going to put online TF Concept online shop that will have prints for sell.
And I will keep contacting various projects to partner up in any way I can, to be different to do something different and to keep letting people know that art is a form of feeling.

Discover Tânie Filipa work: