Nuits Sonores Festival is celebrating its 15 years and this 2017 edition already sounds remarkable

Nuits Sonores Festival is celebrating its 15 years and this 2017 edition already sounds remarkable
28 February 2017 ben

Nuits Sonores is celebrating its 15 years and this 2017 edition already sounds remarkable.

Announcing the Nuits Sonores Festival is almost a ritual as it confirms a power of discovery, offering little clues of artistic intrigue to its public who, growing in number every year, is keen to play along with the game.

So, apart from the awaited headliners like Pharoah Sanders, Chemical Brothers and the legendary industrial sounds of Einstürzende Neubauten, the festival continues to develop an even more exceptional and unexpected flavour. Also, being announced this year is the new ephemeral venue which has been taken over for the event: the former Fagor-Brandt factories. Located in the south of the city, the main stage will be set up between the walls of this imposing industrial building!

Keeping a daring artistic mix, this is a well-rounded affair where the event kicks off under backing from locals, BFDM. Pure and lyrical music from dynamic Macadam mambo and The Pilotwings will “shake things up” with the hottest of cross-disciplinary dance floor sounds. But, the hallucinating world of partners, Axel Boman and John Talabot, come together under the alias, Talaboman for this event. You’ll also enjoy the sharp sounds of Romanian duo, Khidja, alongside a dark and powerful techno vibe from Scottish band, Lord Of The Isles. Signed at Permanent Vacation as part of the line-up and co-curated by the Reworks festival this year for We are Europe, this system means you can, among other things, discover the voice of Canadian, Marie Davidson, combined with the magnetic sounds of Floating Points, who has been invited for a live solo performance that will leave you in a dream state!

An unlikely adventure where the relatively secretive journey of artists like Kekra, an Ile-de-France rapper, and Lyon’s Leanionnaire Mob & Art Wike! rub shoulders with none other than underground artist, AJ Tracey and two wonders from the UK grime scene: Stormzy and Lady Leshurr. This bold journey takes us from Courbevoie to Birmingham via South London, thanks to the all too perfect programme which reiterates the event’s key aims of discovery and cross-disciplinary complimentary aesthetics, rarely seen outside their boundaries!

The festival also features the rising indie and dark-wave scene. You’ll appreciate the delicious line-up full of little gems such as divine performances from Agar Agar and duo “made in Cracki” Poison point, the enchanting priestess, Sarah Farina, as comfortable in the studio as she is in the Boiler Room. Not to be missed are Omar Souleyman, Gilb’r and half of Acid Arab aka King Ghazi who come together in Lyon for the first time. Also, there is the truly remarkable and rarely seen house and electronica artists, Fatima Yamaha and Soichi Terada. These acts are intermixed with the entirely opposite styles of post rock group, Beak, and experimental sounds from Errorsmith which in fact become considerably more audible! You may shiver at the mention of Francois X appearing alongside Bambounou and the mesmeric presence of Aurora Halal. There’s a tenacious parallel perspective of dark techno from Hamburg’s Helena Hauff, crossing over with Umwelt playing an unexpected b2b.

You must admit that it’s increasingly hard to find such an intriguing and high quality programme. What’s more, the event comes back stronger each year, escaping “the hype” of the music world with ease, without being swayed by external callings and resoundingly sanitized to the music and to the festival.

A flight inside Nuits Sonores new space:

By : Antoine Rouzet