Playlist: Marcel Vogel’s August selection

Playlist: Marcel Vogel’s August selection
5 August 2017 ben

Playlist: Marcel Vogel’s August selection


You will no doubt have spotted Marcel Vogel’s handiwork steering the good ship Lumberjacks In Hell, or perhaps even his choice edits under the Em Vee banner, but increasingly the Dutch artist is turning to his own name to get some fine records laid down outside the realms of pure edit territory.

For this first curated playlist, we gave carte blanche to Marcel Vogel, who definitely want you to spend a hot summer.

Karizma – Work It Out
Massive record for Karizma and Lumberjacks in Hell this year. Focussing on what a good party should be about, rhythm and soul.

Marcel Vogel – Moonchild
A very personal song to me and also very important for my personal learning curve as a writer and producer.

Boogie Nite – Do Ya Thang
One of my favourite tracks on Lumberjacks in Hell. All about the groove!

BB Boogie – Sweating and Shaking
I love this tune and I love that Das – I – Kue the man behind this manages to put a smile into music. He brings the soul back . A party anthem that makes you feel good.

Julio Bashmore – Rhythm Of Auld
Just a classic boogie feel with some umpf. Even though this is a massive tune but it feels deep and funky to me. I love the melancholic feel about  it. Just a bunch of nice elements finding together.

The Lounge Lizards feta Mike City – She’s The One 
By now it should be clear, I love vocals and soul. I grew up with 90’s R&B and whenever a record can convey that but take it to dance music I am 100% game.

Marcel Vogel feat Tim Jules – I Got Jesus 
Just saw a video of Kerri Chandler and DJ Spen playing this otherwise I wouldn’t have included it here. But now I am a bit proud ❤

Beckie Bell – Music Madness (Red Greg Edit) 
I think Red Greg is a bit of a prophet. His compilation for Z-Records and also his work on edits and a s a DJ as been very influential to the current wave of Disco DJ’s. His taste and timing is impeccable and if you ever had a chance to witness one of his sets you know what I mean. I play this song when I need to energise myself. It’s 100% love and what we do as DJ’s and with the label.

Reva Devito – Cloudshine
Love R&B

Seven Everett – Heat Up (Avarez Remix)  
If you like soul, you love Seven Everett . That guy created so many classics it’s unreal. That’s one of the tunes I like to play at the moment…


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