Podcast 002 : Night Noise

Podcast 002 : Night Noise
17 January 2017 ben

Podcast 002 : Night Noise (Warren Mann)


– Night Noise is a pretty recent project, can you tell us the story behind the label?

Pretty simple really I was working on my other labels (Advanced, Hi-Phi & Architects Of Paradise) which I run with partners and I felt like I wanted a project that was purely of my vibe and feeling, allowing me to release an eclectic selection of music. Non genre specific with a focus on promoting new or relatively new artists. Also a label that was purely about the artists & not about ego. As much as possible I keep well off the radar and keep it about the artist and the music which I think the artists really appreciate. I obviously took an exception for this podcast and questions but when it’s for friends and partners we are happy to oblige : )

– This podcast completely illustrates the diversity of your label. Smooth tracks, combined with harder ones, some for the dancefloor and some others for the mind. How would you define the label sound signature?

To be honest their is not really a defined sound signature we go from balearic to techno and everything in between which I guess you can hear in this podcast. We have included a few of our tracks some old and some previously unheard. Some edits we love, a few label friends tracks and a collection of others spanning genres.

To go back to the Sound Signature I would say that the main focus is not so much that we have a distinctive sound more that we are a place for new artists to catch a break. Once signed and if they want us to, we also assist with artist bookings and management giving them real chance of getting a foothold in the industry. We are really proud that in the last year we have released debut EP’s for FLVN, Ujin Ray, Horreur, Pino, AWITW, First Family Riot plus a host of others on our compilation releases. Some of the guys that have debuted with us will be releasing with much bigger labels in 2017 and we see this as a reward for us. To see the artists(s) progress and become more successful is a label goal.

– Gemini Brothers, Jamie Porteous, Ujin Ray, FLVN, Sinchi Music… How do you choose the artists invited on your label?

Some we find through soundcloud others from demos we receive. I am really keen for Night Noise to remain a place where artist can get a start but it is difficult to build a steady following/fan base if every release is by a debut artist as they are generally not bringing any followers/fans with them. This means we need to work with slightly more well known producers too. We still choose these carefully as we don’t want to jump on the latest bandwagon and be like everyone else…. The AC & LDL – Increase The Dosage EP came about through the relationship I have with David Ducaruge (Acid Washed, Andrew Claristidge) he has remixed for us on a couple of occasions and I loved working with him he is a super talented producer and a great guy to work with as was Leonard De Leonard. David also introduced us to ‘Theatre Of Delays’ who is also an amazing (and very underrated) producer/musician we loved working with. We manage the Gemini Brothers so that’s how we got the ‘Lost Babylon’ EP and we continue to help them develop their career which is moving in the right direction and this year could see them really take off.

– What are your upcoming projects?

Lots going on at the moment we have a new sub label ’Somos Duenos De La Noche’ that we started with Jamie Porteous with some amazing music lined up for that. Release wise on Night Noise 2017 kicks off with an EP from Mila Dietrich (who you can hear in our podcast) this is followed by the debut EP from a producer called Caravaca. We then go for our first foray into ‘House Music’ with an EP and album by a relatively unknown UK producer called Yarni (also in the podcast). We will then be back with the roster artists and will have releases from Jamie, FLVN, Ujin, Bedford Falls Players and of course our old friends Sinchi.

A summer compilation is being compiled that will be more for home/bar/car rather than the dance floor. We will also continue to build the agency & management side of the business. Finally 2017 will hopefully be the year of events for us. We have the first label night of the year in February which will see us in Madrid with the Trueno crew. We are also hoping to confirm regular summer events in Ibiza in the next few weeks which will see us doing a radio show and both day and night events at 2 amazing venues, all this on the same day!! We will also be doing ADE again with our meet and greet event and a full on party to go with it.

Oh and we will also be doing a rebrand and getting the label image and logo updated and we can then get some great new merch up for 2017!

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