Podcast 003: Apparel Music

Podcast 003: Apparel Music
14 March 2017 ben

Podcast 003 : Apparel Music

– When did you launch Apparel Music and why did you decide to create your own label?
I founded the brand Apparel Music in 2009. I say brand because it was actually born as a music label but it has been established as a “factory” throughout the years. What guides me is the idea of sharing my perspective, my professionalism, my taste and my passion for music and art. As a DJ/producer, when releasing my records, I’ve always wanted all the details to fit perfectly starting from the visual side and by living in Milan I had the chance to meet illustrators, artists and film directors able to translate in images my imagination and my emotions. I managed to conjugate these worlds with the “Jazzy” concept and Apparel Music gave me the opportunity to channel this idea through physical and digital products, worldwide distributed.

– How would you define the label’s musical identity?
Apparel Music is Jazzy and by Jazzy I mean an aptitude of listening and producing music. A new way of conceiving Jazz, taking advantage of the new technologies to correlate instrumental and analog/digital.

– You’ve mixed this podcast episode, how did you make your selection?
Digging and mixing some of my personal collection’s vinyls, of course with some Apparel Music’s record.

– Your visual identity is also pretty much unique. Who’s doing the drawings? Can you tell us more about the logo?
In order to build the brand identity of Apparel Music I originally tried to find an artist who could express what I had in mind and I found him in Luca Beolchi. He created the logo along with the font and he also drew our covers for the first two years. Then the label’s catalogues multiplied and I had to diversify them so I kept the same font evolving the style. The transition gave birth to many collaborations with amazing artists such as Ricardo Cavolo, Andrea Chisesi, Andrea Contin, Millo, Akab and more, who perfectly managed to portray all the different souls of AM’s music.

– What are your upcoming news?
As you might have noticed from our merch on Single Pattern, a new logo emerged, it’s Apparel Tronic’s one. It’s been a couple of years since I started to shape up the idea of launching a sub-label with my partner Ludovico Schilling: as a trip-hop/jungle enthusiast I’ve always dreamt of creating a label dedicated to experimental electronic music and I found in him the right person to work with, so to make it happen. We found the right “balance”. With Apparel Tronic we’ll therefore focus on different styles of music, a group of genres we like to term “Bliss-Beat”. The first release will be an LP by SCHiLLiNG, “Hella”. You can find an exclusive limited series of merch related to it, on Single Pattern! Talking about Apparel Music, we’ve just released the vinyl of our label’s 6th Birthday. Currently we got limited run to 200 copies for our 180gr. vinyls.

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