Podcast 004 : Christian Smith (Tronic)

Podcast 004 : Christian Smith (Tronic)
29 May 2017 ben

Podcast 004 : Christian Smith (Tronic)

To celebrate the Tronic collection available on Single Pattern, we are happy and honored to receive Christian Smith in our Podcast.

– Your latest album got great coverage and you said that you wanted to work more and more on projects like this, as an artist. After such a long career, is it important to find new challenges?
I feel that working on a variety of projects keeps me motivated. Right now my label, Tronic, is on fire and I’m very satisfied the way things are going. I release a lot of artist albums, and am in a position where I can help the artists. This to me is very rewarding.

– What would be your next challenge then?
We are currently working hard on doing Tronic events all around the world. So far the feedback has been amazing. We will be doing a Tronic stage for Ultra’s Resistance residency at Privilege in Ibiza this summer. Also other Tronic parties have been confirmed in Tokyo, Buenos Aires, and London.

– Tronic is one of the longest running Techno label. What would you say to the young generation of people who all want to launch their label? What’s your secret?
Do what you are passionate about and don’t follow trends. And work your ass off! Nothing comes for free!

– You’re travelling a lot and many of your peers are booked on the same lineups than you. As a worldwide techno observator, do people finally have the same way to make and enjoy Techno everywhere on the planet?
Yes! It’s funny, I travel the world and so many events and clubs are very similar. It doesn’t matter if you are in New York or Paris as long as you have good music, and a good crowd! Just close your eyes and enjoy the music!

– Can you tell us a bit more about this podcast?
This is a live recording from a recent gig I had in Italy. I try to record all my sets, because I much prefer giving people live recordings than studio mixes. I find that you get a much better feel with live mixes and the energy is also much better than in mixes that you record at home in the studio.

– What are your personal upcoming projects? And Tronic ones ?
I’m trying to stay fit by working out a few times a week. Touring all the time can be hard on the body sometimes and its easy to get sick. I also try to have a good balance with my family and music career. Sure I love my job, and work very hard, but family is super important to me! As for Tronic, I am currently working on a big collaborative project called “Synergy”. I have made songs with Harry Romero, John Selway, Victor Ruiz, Drunken Kong, and am planning to do a few with Pig&Dan and Reinier Zonneveld. All these songs will come out in September as an album on Tronic. I will also for a 50+ gig world tour in support of this project.

– You created different variations of your logo for your Single Pattern merch. Can you tell us a bit more about the meaning of this logo and these visuals?
People asked me for over 10 years to do Tronic shirts but I feel that now the time is right time. Tronic is well respected, global, and I have a great graphic designer working for the label. The logo in itself has no meaning, but I hope the music on the label does!

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