Signature 01 : Jack Your Body

Signature 01 : Jack Your Body
3 April 2017 ben

Signature 01 “Jack Your Body”

by Alexandre Lelarge

“With that series I wanted to use typography to transform into images those lyrics and tracks that represent house music. I asked myself what I’d like to see on a stranger’s t-shirt if I met them at an event or festival. I immediately thought of House music and the way it brings people together.

I wanted my visuals to reflect joy, love, and sharing. It made sense to me to call the collection ‘Jack Your Body’, a reference to Steve “Silk” Hurley’s house hit (which came out in ’86, the year I was born) and ‘jack’, which is the nickname of a very sexual dance that brought hearts as well as bodies closer together on Chicago’s dance floors.” – read full interview

Alexandre Lelarge


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