At Single Pattern, we’re really concerned about providing quality products while respecting a code of ethics. That’s why we initiated a sustainability process by working exclusively with suppliers respecting both the environment and their workers conditions.


All our products come from organic farming and are made of 100% organic coton.

Certified by the highest standards (GOTS, OCS 100, OCS Blended, OEKO TEX®, REACH), our products respect the environment throughout the production process.

Raw material: The coton we use is cultivated without GM seeds, without harmful and polluting pesticides or fertilizers. The growing process is optimized in order to save water and the fields are also used for food crops, in order to give farmers more diverse income while improving food security within the local community. Organic production preserves the soil, while conventional cotton production destroys it.

Fabrication: The coton is then transformed by low-energy consumption machines, using renewable located generated power. Our washing/ dyeing / finishing process conforms with GOTS standards, OEKO TEX 100, Reach, exceeding them when possible.

Shipping: Products are transported to France by sea-shipments, which are less polluting than road and air-shipments. Products are packed in recyclable cardboard boxes. Our stockist Katoen Natie uses warehouses which are 100% solar powered.

Printing: Our products are printed in France. We use digital printing, which is an environmentally friendly printing process. Inks are water based and no solvents are used. We print on demand in order to avoid unsold items and waste.


Our products are manufactured in Fair Wear Foundation accredited factories. This independent, non-profit organisation is working with companies to improve labour conditions of textile workers. To obtain the acreditation, factories are regularly controled on the following points:

1- Employment is freely chosen, without pressure or obligation.
2- No discrimination in employment: recruitment, wage policy, admittance to training programmes, employee promotion policy, policies of employment shall be based on the principle of equal opportunities, regardless of race, colour, sex, religion, political affiliation.
3- No exploitation of child labour, the age for admission to employment shall not be less than the age of completion of compulsory schooling and not less than 15 years.
4- Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.
5- Payment of a minimum wage, meeting at least legal or industry minimum standards and always being sufficient to meet basic needs of workers.
6- Working hours shall be regulated and never exceed 48h per week.
7- Safe and healthy working conditions.
8- Legally binding employment relationship.